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“Very complete session on topic. Great presentation and delivery.” –Wade Johnston, Ph.D. Senior Manager, Oct. 2019



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In this training course, you will learn theory and practical application of contamination monitoring and control for clean/controlled environments. You will also have the chance to meet and network with industry peers and experts. To meet your specific needs the class is broken into two groups, each with specialized training material and instructors:

  • Air Focus: Air Particle counting, molecular contamination monitoring, cleanroom certification and monitoring, data analysis
  • Liquid Focus: Water and chemical particle counting, best practices, data analysis.
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Learn more about the specific topics covered in each course. Note: you can mix and match classes according to the agenda.


Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for anyone in Electronics industries who needs to manage contamination levels. The courses cover basic and advanced materials.


We bring experts in their field, so you have the best possible learning experience. Our instructors include*:

  • John Mitchell, CEO & President Particle Measuring Systems
  • Brian Knollenberg, Electronics Division, Vice President and GM
  • John Davis, Global Applications Engineering Manager
  • Isidro Sanchez, Electronics Division, Product Line Manager
  • Dwight Beal, Electronics Division, Product Line Manager

Learn more about all the presenters.

“I feel that there is a lot of valuable info given that can be used to make the process better. Info is presented in a frank, understandable, friendly manner.”  –Corey Caudill, Sept. 2017

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Q: What does my registration include?
A: Registration includes:

  • Classroom materials
  • Access to our global contamination experts who can answer your application questions
  • Lunch (great opportunity for networking and getting application questions answered) and snacks
  • Networking at the bar
  • Dinner hosted by Particle Measuring Systems at the end of the first day

Q: Is a certificate provided?
A: Yes, a certificate with continuing education units (2 CEUs) is provided.

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Things to do around Boulder

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  • Hiking
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  • Ice Castles at Breckenridge
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Dinosaur Ridge
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  • Garden of the Gods

We offer customized, onsite training

If your company has several employees who would benefit from Particle College, we also offer onsite training tailored to fit your company’s learning needs. We will develop a program to cater to your applications, and an expert in contamination monitoring will visit you at your location to deliver interactive presentations and hands-on demonstrations.

The cost of onsite training depends on the scope of the seminar. Contact or your local sales representative for more information.

*Depending on availability